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When you join Gamedevr, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below. You also agree that no one else will have access to or receive copies of the website. By signing up for our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of Gamedevr Digital Yard Limited. We refer to Digital Yard Limited and the website it runs (commonly referred to as OUR WEBSITE) in this text. You and Digital Yard Limited value the materials on the website or in connection with it. You agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this contract.


1. Subscriber information is kept private and is only used internally.
2. Each transaction is SSL-encrypted.
3. The subscriber's credit card will be charged immediately after the purchase.
4. Following the transaction, the subscriber will receive a confirmation email. The contract between the shop and the customer is closed once an order is submitted.
5. We strive to complete all orders within 24 hours.
6. All questions will be answered within two (2) working days.
7. Keep the transaction information and the Terms and Conditions in a convenient location and print them off.
8. Participants under the age of eighteen are not permitted.


1. A "Member" or "Membership" is an individual or entity who has a valid username and password for the site.
2. Any company whose billing information has changed or been added to Gamedevr is referred to as "Gamedevr."
3. To access the site, a subscriber acquires a username and password.
4. Site subscribers have a login and password and use the site's services.
5. To access a website, you'll need a username and password. Site access permissions provide you with temporary access to a website.
6. Subscribers save the URL of a bookmark on their computers in a temporary file so that they can visit it later without having to enter their usernames and passwords.

Our Services

Members of Gamedevr receive discounts on a variety of courses. Members of the site are entitled to discounted course purchases. On Gamedevr, only private clients are permitted to shop.

Purchase process

You must first establish an account before you can shop at discounted prices. You will receive a 3-day trial for only 3.00 EUR as a new member. Once your order has been finished, we will send you an email confirmation, followed by another once it has been sent.

The process of determining prices

On the website, members can find discounted rates. When comparing our pricing to those on other websites and in other stores, we utilize market prices as a guide.

Many countries have websites delivered by Gamedevr. As a result of climate-related necessities or legal limits, there may be variances in the Courses sold and their cost from country to country (e.g., VAT or end-of-season sales).


A subscriber's credit card account, bank statement, or phone bill may show all charges for this website. If numerous payment venues or methods are utilized in a transaction, subscribers' statements will reflect all of the individual purchases made. Subscriber statements may include additional information depending on credit card association rules and regulations, telephone regulations, NACHA rules and regulations, and any other rules and regulations specified by the rules and regulations.

Unless the subscriber cancels the subscription through Gamedevr after the original subscription period has elapsed, the subscription will be automatically renewed for a similar period and cost.

You may cancel your subscription at any time throughout the term by logging into the membership page and fill out the cancellation form. By sending an email, you can discontinue your subscription.


If you sign up for a subscription to the site, you may be required to pay recurring fees. Any payments associated with such a Site, as defined by its terms and conditions, are the Member's responsibility.

If a subscriber does not cancel before the end of their first membership term, their fees are automatically renewed for a similar period and for the same price. Our loyal clients who enroll in our loyalty programs may receive discounted membership pricing only on the next payment.

When this agreement is not cancelled in line with its terms, the subscriber allows Gamedevr to charge the chosen payment method. Furthermore, the Subscriber authorizes Gamedevr to charge the Subscriber's preferred payment method for any future transactions made on this site.

The subscriber acknowledges that by accepting these terms of use, the subscriber will become a member for 3 days at the price of 2.00 EUR, and that unless the subscriber cancels before the membership term ends, the subscriber will automatically become a member at the price and terms chosen at sign up. Subscription costs will be charged on behalf of Subscribers in the next billing cycle. will receive billing notifications.


All content is accessible at any time via your computer browser. You can learn whenever and from anywhere after purchasing a membership by logging in to the website with your username and password.


By enrolling through Gamedevr, you agree to receive a transaction receipt by email to the address you provide during the initial enrolment.

Electronic communication

Subscriber agrees to receive any correspondence linked to its membership via electronic means (for example, payment authorizations, invoices, password changes, confirmation messages, and notices) (e.g., via email to the email address provided during registration).

11. Cancellation and Return of Purchased Courses


* When you subscribe to our website, join our site, access password-protected areas, use members-only content, or otherwise accept this agreement in any legally recognized manner, you agree to be bound by all terms, conditions, obligations, warranties, and other provisions set forth herein, including authorizing and accepting full responsibility for all charges described herein.

* You must cancel your subscription at least [DAYS CANCELLATION AMOUNT] days before the end of the current term (or during your trial period). Upgraded or converted members get access to some features.

* If you do not give the Company written notice within [Days Cancellation Amount] ([Days Cancellation Amount]) DAYS after your membership expires, the Company may cancel your membership. If you use the website during the trial period, the Company may automatically renew your membership on the website without notification. After your trial time ends, you will receive an email from informing you that your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel.

* It's simple to cancel your membership. At least 21 (21 DAYS) DAYS before it expires ([DAYS CANCELLATION AMOUNT]) DAYS before it expires, notify the Company in writing. The Company has the right to terminate your membership at any time and without explanation.

* When your membership time ends, your password will be deleted from the system, but you will continue to get membership benefits. If your membership expires before the conclusion of the current membership month, you will not be eligible for a prorated or partial refund.

* To terminate your subscription with Gamedevr, please call +35467890125 or send an email to


For refunds on purchases or recurring charges, contact customer service. Refunds or credits are not available for partially used memberships. Section 11 - Cancellation explains how to stop recurring billings in the future. Gamedevr has the right to issue a refund or credit for transactions made on the site. If a fee is returned, it does not mean that more will be issued in the future. If Gamedevr issues a refund, we will only repay your original payment method. Gamedevr does not accept cash, cheques, money transfers, or any other form of payment for refunds. Your refund will be processed as soon as you request it through Gamedevr. Depending on your initial payment method, the funds may not be deposited for another 3-5 business days.


Depending on the circumstances, we may prevent future sales from Gamedevr in response to chargebacks. In order to protect Subscribers from further fraud, Gamedevr will contact the subscriber's credit card issuer after receiving a fraudulent claim.


Gamedevr provides the regular legal complaints procedure for 24 months following delivery. It signifies that it depends on the context. You can get your item repaired, swapped, refunded, or have the price reduced. Valid complaints must not be the result of improper course use or damaging activities. If a course has a limited duration, your right to complain is limited.

Please notify Gamedevr immediately if you detect a mistake or missing part on or for a course purchased from the site. This should happen as quickly as feasible after recognizing that something is incorrect with the course. Contact Gamedevr customer care by visiting the Support page, calling +35467890125, or emailing


You can contact our customer service department with a complaint regarding your purchase by calling +35467890125 or sending an email to

Authority to use

All subscribers to this site have a single access right to utilize the services and/or courses accessible on this site. Subscriptions are just for the usage of subscribers. Individuals are the only ones who can join. They may not be used commercially by third parties. Unless the site expressly permits it, commercial exploitation of the site or its courses/services is absolutely banned. Transferring any of the site's material or components to another person or entity, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is banned. The distribution of any material on the site is prohibited by peer-to-peer networks and other file-sharing services. The website can't be changed. No materials may be shown, rented, or sold to the general public. The material must include copyright notices, trademark notices, and proprietary notices. The site and Gamedevr may cancel this agreement if the conditions of this agreement are not followed. Anyone who has printed, downloaded, or otherwise received copies of information or materials shall destroy them if the Terms have been breached.

Rights transfer and access

To access the site, you'll need a username and password. Subscribers are not permitted to share their access rights with anyone else and must keep them absolutely confidential. Gamedevr does not divulge passwords to anyone other than the subscriber unless clearly required by law or court order. The site cannot be accessed by an unauthorized user. The site's owner may trace each subscriber's entries into the site using a special application. Subscribers must immediately report Gamedevr or the site if there is a security breach or if access rights are stolen. If the site is contacted by email or phone, the subscriber is still responsible for unauthorized use of the service.


In addition to these Terms and Conditions, subscriptions may be bound by other terms and conditions applicable to the functioning of the site. Furthermore, the terms and conditions on this site will not take precedence over those on the site. All contracts negotiated, executed, and completely fulfilled in United Kingdom are subject to the laws of that country. If a dispute arises as a result of this agreement, it will be resolved in the nation where we do business.


If any other provision of this agreement remains valid and enforceable, no provision of this agreement will be invalid or unenforceable. When a court rules that a provision is illegal or unenforceable, the provision is construed and enforced as written.


Subscribers may get notices from the site via email, general site postings, or traditional mail. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, a notification may be sent electronically, conventionally, or over the phone. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this site, please email us. Please contact Gamedevr for service cancellations. Please email United Kingdom with any questions about the terms and conditions of Gamedevr.


As a result, investigators should be aware that we cannot guarantee that files received from the Internet are free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other code that might cause harm or damage chevaliers. The subscriber should implement data backup methods and an external way for data retrieval. On our site, there are no assurances of merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement... This site and the server on which it is stored make no express or implied warranties. The site or the server make no representation or assurance as to the availability of functions or material, that errors will be repaired, or that the server will not be infected with viruses. The accuracy, reliability, or utility of the content on the server cannot be guaranteed. The content may contain typographical or technical errors, and we retain the right to update or correct it at any time. This website's content is your responsibility.

This site may cause you to lose money or harm you. If this happens, you will be responsible for any service, repair, or correction. The Website Content is not guaranteed to be free of third-party rights violation. The firm is not responsible for any errors or omissions in such content. Subscribers are responsible for adhering to all laws that apply. Subscribers to the site do so at their own risk.

Subscription fees and user communication

A membership fee will be debited from the subscriber's account based on the payment method selected by the subscriber. The subscriber understands and agrees that their email address or other ways of communication with them will be used for commercial reasons. The subscriber may be presented with offers via email campaigns or other forms of communication, and may accept (or deny) them (alternatively, "no"). When you click the "accept" or "yes" button, you agree that your personal information, including your email address and data, may be used for those purposes or shared to third parties.


Gamedevr may contain links to sponsors, advertising, and other third-party websites. We have no control over, and are not responsible for, third-party content, privacy policies, or practices. Gamedevr is not promoting, endorsing, or endorsing those resources by linking to them. Any third-party services, content, software, or websites accessed through the site are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of their use. You are solely responsible if you interact with sponsors, advertisers, or other third parties on the site or participate in their promotions. If you have contacts with sponsors, third parties, or advertisers, or if their advertising appears on our website, our website is not liable for any loss or damage you may suffer.

Owner information of Gamedevr

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